Nutrition & Fertility Health  – What Do You Need to Know?

Dietitians are regularly asked questions on nutrition and its impact on fertility.  Here we tackle the most frequently asked queries:

Can nutrition really help with fertility? YES! Nutrition can have a huge impact on your fertility.

Is it only women whose fertility health can benefit from eating right? The diet and lifestyle of both a man and a woman can affect the chances of conception.

Will exercising regularly help my fertility health? Too much or vigorous exercise, the kind that makes you want to collapse on the floor straight after or exercising for many hours at a stretch can reduce your chances of fertility. Moderate exercise for approximately 30 minutes a day is best. Remember if you have never exercised before build it up slowly!

Do I have to give up coffee? No you do not have to give it up BUT you do need to limit the amount of caffeine you take to 300 mg/day. This refers to 2 (8oz) cups/day of weak coffee. The amount caffeine can vary according to the brew, types of bean, other caffeinated drinks like tea as well as foods like chocolate, desserts, etc.