How do we know that’s our embryo?

Mora Mousa – IVF Quality Coordinator

Several patients that undergo any IVF related procedures tend to be concerned about a gamete displacement. Patients are worried if the wrong sperm or oocyte is being used to a, conversely, wrong patient. “Witnessing” is a vital system in which two embryologists vigilantly observe and double check all procedures conducted within the lab. Not only does witnessing occur within the embryology and andrology lab, but it is also essential in every procedure conducted within the clinic. There are multitudes of occasions where the healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, embryologists, etc.) would request the patient to repeatedly confirm personal information such as their name and date of birth.

At Orchid we have strict policies and procedures to protect the identity of patients; their sperm, their oocytes and their resulting embryos. The healthcare professionals within this clinic are highly trained in the method of identification, both visually and electronically, as a form of secondary ID check. This is crucial in order to assure patients and healthcare professionals that there is a zero chance of error. Visually, as stated previously, is the process of having two embryologists’ witness and double check labels from the beginning to the end of the procedure. Electronically, we have developed innovative technology, the RI Witness, which provides greater safety and assurance for patients. It utilizes RFID technology to track and record patient samples at each step of the IVF process as an essential safeguard and a reassurance to laboratory staff.

The RI Witness makes sure to monitor all the following areas: records every procedure, improves clinic and patient confidence, highly configurable to individual requirements, guards against sample identification errors and mismatches, flexible – multiple unique dishes can be assigned to a patient at any point and lastly, RFID Technology – every ID is unique and cannot be misread

Therefore, how do you know that it is your embryo? We check with you, we check with a second individual and now we can also check with an electronic barcode. If you would like additional information regarding witnessing or wish to speak with the a member of the Embryology team, please call 04 4377520.