A Warm Welcome to Orchid Fertility: The Leading Fertility Clinic in Dubai

Orchid Fertility, your trusted fertility clinic in Dubai, UAE. In affiliation with internationally renowned Northwestern Medicine, Chicago, our facility provides reproductive technologies, while offering a bespoke holistic approach to infertility treatment that considers the physical, emotional, psychological and psychosocial needs of every couple.

Our vision is to provide treatment assistance and infertility treatment options with an approach that is different from that of other fertility clinics. We seek to offer emotional guidance and lifestyle support to improve the health and quality of life of couples with a commitment to achieve healthy babies born into healthy families. This nurturing approach has a positive and profound effect that ensures that our future generations are protected through good health.

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The Philosophy of our Fertility Clinic

We believe emotional support and holistic care are essential to a couple’s well-being throughout their journey and are therefore committed to supporting our clients medically, physically, and emotionally from pre-conception planning to the actual treatment process. Every couple is looked after and cared for by their own fertility doctor in Dubai, according to their unique needs. This way, their fertility doctor is able to craft a bespoke treatment plan that give them the very best chance of successfully creating a family. We offer the following treatments at our clinic:

We fully comprehend the challenges that patients go through while undergoing treatment. That is why we provide a holistic approach to care, that encompasses the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of pregnancy, in order to increase the chances of success.

Our facility is affiliated to Northwestern Medicine, in Chicago, USA. This allows us to deliver the highest quality evidence based reproductive treatments at international care standards.

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Every individual is unique and goes through unique challenges, which is why we account for more than just the medical aspects of infertility in creating holistic care treatment for patients. We customise our care packages to the specific needs and preferences of our patients to ensure a complete and intensive kind of care.


Orchid Fertility understands the emotional roller-coaster endured during fertility treatment and therefore offers a holistic care pathway, considering the physical, emotional and psychological burden for a couple to maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy.


The strength and collective expertise gained from our successful affiliation with Northwestern Medicine, Chicago, in the USA enables Orchid Fertility to deliver the highest quality, evidence based reproductive treatments at international care standards.


Understanding that no two cases are the same, Orchid Fertility considers more than just the medical aspects of infertility by embracing a holistic approach to fertility care. Tailor-made fertility care packages are meticulously designed ensuring that every need is understood and met.